Why should i hire a planner?

Statistics show that the average wedding or similar event takes approximately 250 hours to plan (that is equivalent to over 6 full work weeks!). A planner can save you time spent researching and planning.  A planner can also help you prioritize your vendors, get your budget in order, provide qualified vendor referrals, accompany you to vendor meetings and know what questions to ask, review vendor contracts, negotiate on your behalf, and save you money.  Not to mention, a planner provides creative décor and design ideas!  And that final month prior to your event, a planner will confirm your vendors, make a timeline, run your rehearsal, and be there to make sure that you and your guests enjoy a totally stress-free day!

I am already working with a Catering Manager at my venue, and he/she is very helpful. Why do I need your help?

Typically, Catering Managers at hotels or venues have the job of overseeing the event details that are directly related to the venue (and sometimes the food and beverage as well).  It is not in their job description to confirm your vendors, run your rehearsal or event timeline, oversee the vendors of your event , cue you at the reception, and make sure all of the day’s events are running according to schedule.  As professional planners and coordinators, our services supplement the services offered by your Catering Manager, Banquet Manager & Staff, and other vendors.

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What should I look for when choosing an event planner?

Based on your needs, you should identify an Event Planner who can offer you a wide range of services and is flexible to handle as much or as little as you wish them to. Ideally, your Event Planner will provide you with ample ideas and guidance for your special event. Most importantly, the Planner you select must be someone that you feel comfortable and confident with; someone you can develop a connection with.

The mission of Designed by Delsie is to establish a personal connection with you, allowing us to better interpret and execute your unique vision. We believe that a transparent relationship between a client and Planner allows both parties to feel comfortable with one another while still maintaining confidence in our professionalism.


What information should I provide you with? 

During your initial consultation, we suggest providing us with the following:

  • an estimated budget
  • an estimated number of guests
  • a desired event date, month, or season
  • a general idea of your desired event style (grand, traditional, modest)

For our complete assessment, please click here for more information.